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Navigating crevasses in Greenland
Skeleton Coast - a rest in an incredible place
Namibia - vast, open and demanding
Ice walls in Greenland
Record breaking rower support
Cost of poor planning brought home
Atlantic Crossing Finish
Communications. Always on call
Greenland. Crevasses that could swallow a house
Indian Ocean, cold, wet and remorseless


Endless Possibilities



AdventureHub is a specialist adventure company delivering experiences that challenge from the smallest one day trip stretching your comfort zone to a life changing record breaking endeavour.
From initial ideas to the biggest challenge we are able to deliver planning, logistics, safety support and leadership at any level. Experience counts. Real experience. 
Meticulous planning, experience in numerous environments and the desire to make every expedition fulfil its potential. Hard work, attention to detail and real leadership, no false promises, no made up stories. Real adventure for real adventurers.




Ocean rowing - one of the greatest adventure challenges. 
If you are just trying to find out more or if you are ready to row we can make your row faster, safer and more enjoyable. We have a broader level of knowledge and experience than anyone else in the sport.  As we guide you every step of the way we also ensure you do not waste time or money.  This may be a once in a lifetime adventure so we will do all we can to help you get the experience you want. Advice, training, inspections and safety cover are all available.



Have an idea but need help realising it? Don't want to follow the crowd?  Expeditions should be what you want them to be not just another package.
We have enormous experience in planning and delivering challenges in a wide range of countries and environments so if it is a first walk in the hills, a global challenge or anything in between we can create the expedition you want. We will work side by side ensuring no detail is missed to create the trip you want.



Bespoke training and consultancy is available for every level of adventure.

Whatever your adventure training and preparation will massively enhance not only your success but enjoyment.

Good training is not a cost it is an investment with guaranteed returns.

AdventureHub will create bespoke training and consult on every step of the way giving you the level you require to meet your needs, time and budget.



In May 2018 Ian is leading a team on a 330 mile speed trek through North West Namibia. The team, brought together by Jason Caldwell, team captain of Latitude 35, set off at first light on 23 May and aim to cover over 30 miles a day trekking between waterholes negotiating difficult terrain, high temperatures and possibly dangerous wildlife.

This trek is the first of its kind and will present a unique set of challenges.  To keep up with the team follow on the tracker and read updates of the adventure.


"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life"

Omar Khayyam



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