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Support and Courses

We have been involved in ocean rowing since 2006 and are at the forefront of developing the sport.

Do not settle for enthusiastic amateurs or false economy. We have one intent - get the rower across safely and enabling them to meet their goals. We are not selling boats or equipment. Our impartial advice to you is the best advice for you based not only on our experience but on what we have seen with every crew, on every boat, in every race.

To date we have 5 Guinness World Records for crossing the Atlantic and Indian Oceans but more importantly have trained and provided safety cover for every crew in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge since 2013.  Every year Ian is the lead Safety and Duty Officer for the race and delivers training, inspections and safety cover for every crew.  We have contributed to the growing safety and success of ocean rowing and AdventureHub's Ocean Rowing Course is the only such course recognised by the Spanish Authorities specifically for rowers about to cross the Atlantic.

As a race entrant we are there for advice from the day you first make an enquiry to well after you have finished your row. We will inspect your boats, deliver training and be there for you every moment of your crossing.  Your success is our success.

It is an adventure like no other. Physically, emotionally, mentally and technically demanding. Do not leave anything to chance.

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