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Another unique expedition in a stunning environment

I had a plan for an expedition in Namibia from about 2010. Namibia is a stunning, beautiful and extremely unforgiving environment and a land of contrasts and variety. This expedition exposes the team to very diverse challenges.

330 miles of speed trekking through desert, mountainous areas and grassy plains exposed to blistering heat and potentially dangerous wildlife the 3 man team will aim to cover 30 miles a  day and will be completely self sufficient.  

We are extremely fortunate to be sponsored by who are providing a very experienced film crew to cover the endeavour but despite their presence the team will be carrying everything they need and getting water from bore holes and watering holes on the route - sometimes over 40 miles apart.

The team.  The team is led by Ian Couch with Jason Caldwell and Angus Collins.  

Ian spent nearly 20 years as an infantry officer and has to date rowed the Atlantic twice, the Indian Ocean (gaining 5 Guinness World Records), skied across Greenland (the fastest British ski crossing) and ran countless ultras including in the Gobi Desert.

Jason has been the driving force in pulling together the sponsors and support for the expedition. An accomplished athlete he has rowed the Atlantic twice and is a very successful leadership coach and public speaker.

Angus is a highly experienced ocean rower with multiple crossings and Guinness World Records and has worked tirelessly on gaining equipment sponsors for this expedition.

Sponsors include:


Firepot Expedition Food

Hoka Running

Formex Watches

This expedition will be tracked throughout and you can follow the teams' progress at:

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