Global Expedition and Ocean Rowing Specialists

Rowing an ocean is one of the greatest endurance adventure challenges.  It is everything a real adventure should be - physically, technically, emotionally and mentally challenging.  It demands high levels of preparation and training, technical knowledge and skill.  There is also no guarantee of success but good training, careful instruction and experienced support can greatly increase the chance of success.

AdventureHub is the only independent training and safety provider and has experience of multiple crossings of different oceans as well as training and mentoring crews who have achieved success at sea including numerous world records.  Ocean rowing is growing and developing and AdventureHub is at the forefront of this progress.

Why AdventureHub - some key facts:  

Over 12 years of ocean rowing experience.

More current, relevant experience in training and safety development in ocean rowing than any other individual or organisation.

The author and provider of the only safety and training course recognised by the Spanish Port Authorities and stipulated by them as a prerequiste for being granted port clearance.

In the two Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge races since 2015 our training course was mandatory and we provided safety officer cover for both fleets. Of the 39 boats in the races 38 completed the challenge with one non emergency evacuation due to technical problems. This record is unparalleled in the sport and is directly attributable to the training and safety measures developed and implemented by AdventureHub.

AdventureHub is the lead advisor for the development of the rules and safety procedures for the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge - the worlds leading ocean rowing event. These rules are the model requested by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to be held as the example and guide for all ocean rows.

AdventureHub is the only truly independent training and safety advisor who are not selling boats, places in their own race or on a rowing experience. Our training and advice is about what is best for you.

We have good working relations with all ocean rowing boat builders and race/experience providers and can give fair, impartial advice which is aimed at the rower.

Ocean Rowing

What we offer.  One size does not fit all.  We offer advice, organise and deliver training courses and even mentor crews and individuals. Services include:

1.      Proven physical training and training programmes to ensure optimum performance at sea  

2.      Nutrition planning

3.      Advice on body maintenance and health at sea

4.      Tactics and routine at sea planning

5.      Equipment selection and advice on how to use it

6.      Crew dynamics and mental preparation guidance

7.      Communications. Equipment selection, procedures and safety

8.      Emergencies. Advice on how to avoid problems and how to deal with thim should they arise

9.      Family support.  We can brief familes before the row to ensure they know what is happening and

         what safety is in place.  This reduces stress for them and in turn on the rowers.

10.    Safety measures - we offer detailed sessions on routine, emerginces, equipment and procedures in

         order to minimise risk

11.    Psychological coping mechanism planning in order to ensure poor decisions are not made at sea

12.    Weather forecasting and routing

13.    Passage planning

14.    On call advice 24/7

15.    Boat purchase advice

16.    Boat and equipment checks before shipping and launching    

Why we do what we do. Quite simply we are passionate about ocean rowing.  We want to see standards improve, safety measures implemented and rowers being better trained and prepared than ever before. We want rowers to enjoy the experience, to get everything they want from the challenge and become as passionate about the adventure as we are.

Whatever you believe your needs to be contact us to find out more and help us give you the best chance of success.